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Family Day Activities in YYC

February 17th, 2017 by Ken Richter

Bowness+Park+Skating+RinkHappy Family Day Weekend!

What a great opportunity to dedicate quality time to your family. We look forward to this weekend every year because it is such a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are to have such a great support system around us. For today’s post we are sharing some information on fun activities happening around YYC this weekend at and providing fun for the whole family. Check them out!

Family Quest || Heritage Park || February 16th – 20th || $ || Come to heritage park for some family fun at Gasoline Ally! The centre will be filled with fun activities for kids, such as race flag designing and tricycle races, along with showcasing the incredible vehicles of the past. Learn something new and have fun doing it.

Family Fishtival || Bow Habitat Station || February 18th || $ || The Bow Habitat Station is on a mission to teach Calgarians about the fish scene in the bow river. Activities include crafts, snowshoeing, hatchery tours and more. This is a great activity that is perfect for an afternoon trip.

The Hockey Sweater || The Jubilee Auditorium || February 19th || $$$ || The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is bringing Roch Carrier’s classic tale of a Canadian’s fan having to wear a Maple Leaf’s jersey. Not only will this event bring this childhood classic to life in new and exciting ways, but afterwards you have the chance to meet the musicians. This is a great opportunity for the budding musician in your family.

Winterfest || Fort Calgary || February 20th || $$ || Dress up as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer, watch a historic play about the history of Calgary, stock up on sweets from the Quebecois Sugar Shack and more at this fun event. This is a great opportunity for everyone in the family to learn something about the history of our amazing city.

Bowness Park Skating || Bowness Park || All the time || FREE || Celebrate the 150th year of the Bowness Skating Rink by stopping by this weekend! There are skate rentals available and a cafe to warm up with hot chocolate. This historic rink is a huge part of Calgary and a cherished tradition. Lace up and enjoy the rink before the summer hits!

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

Why We Love YYC

February 13th, 2017 by Ken Richter

Happy-Valentines-Day-ImagesHappy Valentine’s, Calgary!

All of us here at Team Ken Richter would like to offer you our sincere thanks and love. You are what has made working in this city so wonderful. Calgary has a lot of wonderful things to offer its residents and visitors. In light of this and the season of love, here are 4 reasons we love YYC:

1). The Location: Calgary is perfectly nestled between the prairies and the mountains. It makes it easy to take a day trip to the stunning town of Banff or to take a drive through the wheat feilds. Calgary is inspirational calendar worthy, making it the perfect city for those wanting a great backdrop for their home.

2). The Communities: Calgary is filled with the most enchanting little communities, from sprawling city edge estates to quaint historic neighbourhoods at the heart of the city. Homes in Calgary are incredible accessible and surrounded by a wealth of resources. What are our favourite communities? Bowness and Montgomery. However, we love them all.

3). The Supportive Environment: Calgary is the most supportive city. Whether it comes to shopping small and local or welcoming refugees with open arms, Calgarians are always ready to go the extra mile to support their fellow Calgarians. We pride ourselves on making people feel valued and loved.

4). The Entertainment: Calgary is home to so many entertaining venues. You can catch a show or a game at the Saddledome, check out the latest exhibits as the Glenbow Museum, visit the Zoo, see a play at Arts Commons, etc., etc., etc.. Feeling bored? Chances are there is something happening right in your backyard. It can’t be beat!

What is something you love about YYC? Let us know in the comments below!

January Statistics

February 11th, 2017 by Ken Richter

statsThe market is in an interesting place right now. It continues to do better than this time last year, but it is still falling short of long term, ten year averages. This is leaving people in an awkward space where they should be encouraged, but also not comfortable. There will be lots of growth and changes yet.

CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie says, “while housing conditions continue to favour buyers, a slow transition toward more balanced conditions is helping to ease downward pressure on home prices. Conditions have improved over last year, but people need to remember that last year’s market was one of the weakest on record. Despite the appearance of a major shift in activity, the transition in the housing market is going to be a slow process.”

In January there were 947 units sold. This is 24 per cent more than last year, but still 21 per cent below 10-year averages for the month of January. This bustling sales activity was seen across all areas and product types, but again, this is only in light of the record lows experiences last year at this time. Still, it is okay to be optimistic. We definitely are.

“This past month showed how the market never stands still,” said CREB® president David P. Brown. “The market isn’t expected to be as unpredictable in 2017, but it’s early in the year and there are still lots of unknowns that will shape decision-making for consumers.” He reminds consumers, “Every transaction is a personal decision and anyone going through the process of buying and selling real estate will be trying to make the best decision for their family. They need to consider their long-term objectives and think about the price they are willing to accept or pay for a home.”

So, where does this leave you? Now more than ever we encourage you to partner with a realtor, such as us. We have a lot of experience in the real estate market. We have seen Calgary’s ups and downs and learned how to navigate even the most complex market conditions. We are passionate about finding those we partner with the best deals possible so that they can have a great long-term outcome.

Contact us today for more information. Thank you to CREB® for the information, to read more check out their website HERE.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

February Events

February 6th, 2017 by Ken Richter

the-light-cellar-hot-chocolateHappy February!

At the start of each month we like to list out just a few of the many events happening around the city. There are way too many to cover in just one blog post, but we curate a list of what’s new and what we are most looking forward to.

Here in YYC we have some very fun events coming up this month that we know you will love. After all, it is the season of love. Read on:

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest : Travel around the city trying out different specialty Hot Chocolate’s from cafe’s and restaurants. All claim to have Calgary’s best hot chocolate, but you get to be the final judge. You can vote for your top choice and a portion of all sale proceeds is going to Meals on Wheels. For more information check out THIS link.

The Audience : If you love all things relating to the Royals, this is a great play to see. It follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic and quick rise to Queen following the death of her father. Be prepared for a great show by Arts Commons, complete with magical performances and costumes to die for. For more information check out THIS link.

Ultimate Country Legends: The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is putting together a performance filled with all of country music’s greatest hits. Expect to hear classics and contemporary hits. Pair your love for country music with your love for live orchestra’s in this fun event. For more information check out THIS link.

Coldest Night of the Year: Experience what YYC is like at night for our homeless population in this family-friendly nighttime walk. It’s goal is to raise money, awareness and an appreciation for the struggles of those around us. Put on your walking boots, bundle up and come be apart of something important. For more information check out THIS link.

For more information check out Avenue Calgary’s list of events. They are constantly updating. You could literally scroll through pages upon pages of content. There is something to do nearly every day of the month! Do not let the cold stop you from experiencing all Calgary has to offer.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

Now is a Great Time to Buy!

February 1st, 2017 by Ken Richter

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House in the Snow.

If you are looking at entering the real estate market now is a great time to do it.

Right now the Calgary real estate market is perfectly poised for buyers. Interest rates are incredibly low. This means that paying off your property will be faster and cheaper. Inventory levels have dropped and prices have stabilized, giving you more property options, less competition and better prices. Given how up and down the market has been for the last two years as it has been in recovery mode, now is a great time to get locked in during ideal conditions.

Real estate has always been a great investment. Although at times the market has taken a hit, if you are willing to put in the time and the effort you can turn a great profit. This can be done with your personal home, an investment home, a rental home or a vacation home. All of these options allow you to be part of a complex market that, with the right strategy, can be used to your advantage.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here at Team Ken Richter. We want to partner with you. Remember: our experience is your advantage. Our mission is to faithfully serve the our clients and cater to whatever their needs may be. The real estate market can be stressful and complicated. Let us join you on your journey.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

Crafting Productive Work Spaces

January 30th, 2017 by Ken Richter

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.54.54 PMNew year, new me, new goals, new willpower, new drive, same…old…workspace. The problem with new years resolutions is that they are made on the balconies of ballrooms with champagne in hand, but violently actualized in the mundane spaces of years past. Everything is sparkly and new until we sit down at our old desk with our old resolutions stuffed in dusty drawers, staring at the pages of a blank notebook with the same lethargic sigh. New year, same me.

The number one most important part of beginning a new resolution is maintaining your initial drive and following through. Old workspaces do not help this. Old workspaces are filled with the remnants of past abandoned resolutions. This is why in order to keep your new resolution, you need to craft a new space. Here’s what to do:

1). Asses what your goal is and design a space that reflects the heart of said goal. For example, if your goal is to be more healthy, create a healthy space. Empty out the snack drawer, swap out artificial lights for natural lights, make space for your work out gear, yoga mat and running shoes. Put inspirational quotes on the board. If you want to finish that novel you started but can never stay focused long enough to finish, empty the room of everything you don’t need and keep it minimal. Let your room reflect the heart of your resolution.

2). Figure out an organizing system that works best for YOU. For some people this is a detailed, colour-coded, labeled filing system. For others this is an old suitcase stuffed with papers. Whatever it is that keeps you organized and on track, stick with it. Don’t let other people invade your space and mess with your things. Keep it simple and straightforward–however that may look for you.

3). Craft a visual that will remind you of your goals and–more importantly–your progress. Give yourself reasonable goals that you can achieve, baby steps and all. Maybe the first thing on your list isn’t to launch your social media platform. Maybe the first step is as simple as vacuuming the floor. Whatever it is, track your progress and celebrate the baby steps! Make sure your workspace has some sort of visual to help you do this. Frame everything in a positive way. Visuals are powerful!

Have fun with it! This year is YOURS. We believe in you!

The New President: Inauguration Day

January 20th, 2017 by Ken Richter

rs-trump-f5d6032b-a96e-4583-9689-56770f5c67a5Today is an exciting day in American history as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th American President.

In the last couple of days the Obamas have been moving out of their home for the past eight years, The White House, to make way for the Trumps. People across the globe have been tuning in to watch the events and are waiting expectantly to see what will happen as a result of Trump’s presidency.

This past election was one of the most dramatic as both candidates from the major political parties garnered international attention. The road to Presidency was everything a Netflix special dreams of, full of ups, downs, scandalous moments and heartwarming moments. The election seemed to divide even the closest of friends as people passionately advocated for one candidate over the other. In the end, Donald Trump won in a huge victory over Hilary Clinton and the other candidates.

People are going into this presidency with mixed emotions. There is hope for something new, worry of what’s to come, and the homesickness that comes with losing the former President, Barack Obama. One thing is clear: it is a new day, a fresh start and anything is possible.

Best of luck to President Trump as he officially takes office!

For all the latest updates, live streams and polls, check out this link from The National Post.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

CREB 2017 Forecast

January 13th, 2017 by Ken Richter

175x175bb2017 is going to be all about working towards market stability, something that has been shaky for the last two years. However, market stability will not reach all sectors of the housing market. CREB notes, “both detached and attached prices remain unchanged over 2016 levels, while apartment is forecasted to contract by another two per cent.” The stabilization of the housing market is going to be slow.

CREB chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie writes, “The transition in the housing market will be a slow process. We are entering the year with high unemployment rates and the possibility that job growth will not occur until the latter portion of 2017. These conditions will continue to weigh on housing demand, but supply is adjusting to weaker sales activity, which will eventually translate into price stability.”

Is is predicted that around 18,335 units will be sold in 2017. This is a three per cent gain from 2016, but modestly below long-term averages. However, even this small gain will have a significant affect on the market. It will help ease inventory levels which will prevent downward price pressure.

CREB’s new President for 2017, David P. Brown encourages people to be very strategic when buying or selling a property. Blanket strategies will no longer suffice. One must carefully consider the market at the specific time they are seeking to enter it in order to leverage the conditions in their favour.

The one warning CREB gives is that all of this is dependant on some economic growth and stability in the energy sector. With new policies being introduced by the government regarding these areas, this growth could get derailed. CREB advises people to stay educated on what is happening in the market and hold tight.

2017 may be a stressful year for the housing market, but Team Ken Richter is here to help you in any way we can. Give us a call and let’s set up a meeting to discuss your needs for 2017!

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

For more information on the Calgary & area housing market, check our CREB’s website at

Calgary Renovation Show Information

January 11th, 2017 by Ken Richter
renovation-2017-278x300The Calgary Renovation Show is hitting the BMO Centre this weekend from January 13th – January 15th. Not sure what this show is? You make know it was the Calgary Home + Garden Show, because it was recently re-branded. Although the name may be different this year, the quality of the show will remain and–in many cases–exceed previous years.
There are going to be over 200 vendors at the show to share their ideas and innovations with you. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your next home renovation or are wanting to find a contractor to work with, this show promises to shower you with new ideas, innovations and contacts.
Just like in previous years, there will be keynote speakers on the MainStage. Here is the lineup for this year:
Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto from Love It Or List It: Vancouver || Advice to Help Your Relationship Survive a Remodel || This dynamic duo are powerhouses on their show where they work with couples wanting a fresh start with their home. They are passionate about what they do, incredibly witty and are sure to provide you with great advice on this important topic.
Mike Holmes Jr. from Holmes & Holmes || Renovating Right || Mike Holmes Jr. comes from a renovation contractor dynasty. He has grown up in the industry and studied the craft his entire life. If there is anyone out there qualified to give you advice on your next home renovation, it is Mike. Check him out!
Danielle Bryk from Flip Addict || Design Trends & Reno Tips || You will never, ever in your entire life meet someone with such a romantic eye for design while simultaneously knowing exactly how to knock out a wall (okay, that may be a hyperbole, but you get what we’re saying). Danielle is fully equipped to design the most delicate, romantic, whimsical spaces while also not being afraid to get some sweat on her brow. If you’re looking to re-design a space in your home, check her out.
Rosalyn Lazaruk from Wicket Blue Interiors || Renovation Runway || Rosalyn is ready to bring the hottest design trends of 2017 to the Calgary Renovation Show stage. Stay up-to-date on what is in, what is out and how to use what you already have to bring your home up to date. For those of you who love cutting edge designs, this presentation is for you.
Clare Gardner from Clare Gardner Designs || The Step by Step Design Guide for Your Next Renovation || Clare wants to help you plan your next design project in the most effective, strategic way possible. Her designs are all about maximizing space and bringing properties to life. Check her out!
Does that alone convince you to come out to the show? How would you feel if we told you there are FOUR other amazing presentations happening, prizes to be won and renovations to be savoured? Go to the Calgary Home Renovation Show’s website HERE to buy your ticks (if you buy online you can save $3) before it is too late!
Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

December Statistics

January 6th, 2017 by Ken Richter

At the start of each new month we summarize the key points from the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) report on what happened in Calgary real estate the previous month.

Many people do not like reading about statistics. The numbers seem confusing and convoluted, sometimes manipulated to produce a specific result. They leave many people feeling frustrated and even more uneducated than they were to begin with. However, when it comes to CREB’s report, we guarantee credible, clear, helpful information.  CREB is a fantastic resource for buyers, sellers, investors, agents, etc.. If you are looking for information on the real estate market, they should be your #1 resource.

There is an important reason why we consistently relay the CREB report to you: education is your best friend, next to your Real Estate agent, when it comes to making wise decisions regarding your real estate endeavours. Knowing the market enables you to have peace of mind regarding your decisions within the market. Knowing trends within the market can help you make long-term plans that will be essential to your financial success. The only people who are successful in navigating the real estate world are those who are educated on what is going on.

We want to make real estate market education accessible to everyone. We do this by advising our clients and keeping people updated on what is happening in the market.

So, here’s the run down of what happened in the market in December 2016:

Sales are up and inventory is down compared to December 2015. This is a great indicator of the market’s recovering from the hit it took when the economy dropped.

Benchmark prices are at $435,400, which is slightly lower than last year. Again, this is okay given market conditions. Last year sellers stubbornly refused to lower prices as they waited for the market to instantly recover. It didn’t. Prices are finally reflecting the market conditions, sitting comfortably in a spot that benefits buyers and sellers.

In more good news, the average time for a home to be on the market is four months, which has dropped from approximately five months in 2015. This is great for buyers and sellers!

Have questions? Check our for more information or/and call us! We would love to partner with you as you begin your real estate journey.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

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